David Schrock

David Schrock.  Married to Wendy. Father of Titus, Silas, and Cohen.  Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church (Seymour, IN).

Basketball player-turned-Christ follower.   Forgiven Sinner.  Citizen of Heaven.  While on earth: Born in Virginia.  Saved in Michigan.  Sojourned in Tennessee and Kentucky on my way to Indiana.

Former church janitor and school administrator, now doing what I love most: preaching God’s Word; serving God’s people; and preparing for God’s kingdom.

B.A., Albion College (Exercise Science major; Religion minor). M.Div. and Ph.D., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Additionally, Via Emmaus participates in some “affiliate” programs, where ordering products through this website helps to support this blog.  Currently, this list only includes the Westminster Bookstore.

Contact info: Email me davidsschrock@gmail.com or visit Calvary Baptist Church in Seymour, Indiana.

16 thoughts on “David Schrock

  1. David,

    This is, shamefully, my first visit to your site since its redesign. I must say, I know exactly what that header image is and I am kicking myself for not securing it for my own use! What a perfect way to image the title of your blog. Keep up the thoughtful and Christ honoring writing.

    Your friend and “fellow traveler,”


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  3. Enjoyed your blog and so happy that you are looking forward to coming to Seymour, IN in January and serving as our Senior Pastor. God has prepared you well and we pray his blessings upon you and your family. Phil. 4:13

  4. David, I am nothing short of highly impressed. What an incredible blog! Thank you for your insight and your
    love for the Savior above all else. Praying for you!

  5. You have been our Pastor now for almost 2 years and it has been a joy to have you and your wonderful family a part of CBC…God has blessed us with a man who knows and loves God’s Word…We are so thankful that you were sent to us and pray special blessings upon your ministry…

  6. David,
    I happened upon your blog while googling “How to Read Leviticus”. Your February 2010 post, “Ten Ways to Help You Read Leviticus” was very helpful!

    Also perused your blog and enjoyed at least the quick gloss overview very much. I’ll be back to spend more time here!

    God bless you and your ministry!

  7. Hey, my names Justus. I simply wanted to say thanks. I was doing some research and stumbled upon your site here. You’ve got some pretty awesome stuff!

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  9. David! Was perusing through gospel coalition and saw your name on a book review.. just wanted to give you a shout out – I still remember what you told me at Summer Project at VA Beach in the summer of 2002: 3 things last forever, God, His Word, and the souls of men and women. So encouraged to see how the Lord is continuing to use you for His kingdom and glory.

    I work in DC now and attend Capitol Hill Baptist Church, thankful for good teaching there as well.

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful fam!
    -Jonathan Lee

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  11. Dear Mr.David,

    I am from India. Involved in the Campus ministries with UESI an affliliate of IFES.

    Thank you for your well organized site with good scriptural material. I came via on a serch for some books outline. Got the whole set you have prepared.

    Thanks a Lot. Your material will be used with due acknowledgement.

    With Best Regards

    • Praise the Lord, brother. What a joy to know that the Bible studies I prepared in Seymour, Indiana will be used in India.

      Thank you for introducing yourself. I will pray for you.

      In Christ,

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